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21st July 2012 was the first anniversary of Lorcan's rescue. Here’s a video of his first year learning to live with total blindness.

Update - Lorcan celebrated his 6th Christmas in December 2016!

March 2013

Two cats killed for every flea found at University Hospital Galway.

The pest control company evidence suggests that the HSE had ordered the removal of feral cats from UHG grounds, long before there was any issue with fleas.

Read the full Galway City Tribune article here

Mayo - please be aware!!!

It is important to be aware that pest control in Mayo recently trapped a tame neutered cat which was left into a vets to be put down. The cat was not microchipped and efforts to find its owner failed, however the cat was successfully rehomed.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spay/neuter & microchip your cats. Do not let them wander. DO NOT DUMP CATS!!!  BE RESPONSIBLE. Cats are suffering the consequences and dying because of a lack of responsibility. It is unacceptable.



Saving lives through prevention

Please note that as and from 1st January 2013, Mayo Cat Rescue is no longer taking in cats or kittens. After 15 years in operation, we are changing direction and are, from now on, focusing exclusively on saving lives through prevention with our discount spay/neuter voucher scheme. Our trap/neuter/return service for feral cats is no longer available due to no transport (see above).  Click here for information on our discount cat spay/neuter scheme. 

Please spay & neuter

We would ask everyone to please spay and neuter your cats to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and if you are feeding a stray, please ‘spay that stray’ to prevent a cat over- population crisis in your area. 

Help with homing

We are happy to help the public find homes for cats and kittens through our ‘Cats for homes - public’ page on this website and the Mayo Cat Rescue facebook page.  Please e-mail photos and details and we will be happy to post them up for you.

Feral cats

For many years (2000 - 2014), Mayo Cat Rescue provided a trap/neuter/return (TNR) service for feral cats.  A volunteer would call to a location where cats were, trap them, transport them to a vet where they were spayed/neutered, wormed and de-flead and ear tipped (to identify them as spayed/neutered and avoid being needlessly trapped again) and return them after a recovery period.  Sadly, this service is no longer available due to a lack of transport.  Please visit for more information about feral (wild) cats and the effective humane solution of trap/neuter/return (TNR).

A video (below) shows the fun and games trapping cats! 11 cats were trapped at this house by Mayo Cat Rescue, all were spayed/neutered and returned to live out their lives free from the burden of breeding and no longer adding to the cat population.

Mayo Cat Rescue also donated cat traps to the following Vet Clinics in Mayo in 2012. 

2 traps to Fabby’s Vet Surgery, Church Lane, Westport. 098-25618.    

2 traps to McHale Rd Vet Surgery, McHale Rd, Castlebar.  094 90 26777.  

Other vet clinics in Mayo may have cat traps to loan, please check with them.

Please be aware that Dunnes Stores no longer allow animal charities fundraise at their stores.  This is a nationwide ban and covers all animal charities including Mayo Cat Rescue.  We are saddened and disappointed by this.  The ban directly affects our work helping cats in Mayo as we rely on the generosity of the public for funds. Please feel free to contact Dunnes Head Office in Dublin 01 4751111 or email: in support of our work and the work of all animal charities throughout Ireland.

December 2014

The famous Meow Mobile has died. :(  Transporter of trapping equipment and cats the length & breadth of Mayo for the last 6 years and sun worshipping lounger for cats. I was on my way to Mulranny in early December to do a TNR job when it just chugged to a halt on the road. The engine just gave up the ghost. Not surprising with almost 300,000 km's on the clock! The cost of repair is thousands of €€€ rather than hundreds so all TNR is cancelled until further notice.

Cat Traps

Mayo Cat Rescue donated cat traps to the following Vet Clinics in Mayo in June 2015.

3 traps to Castle Vets, Breaffy Rd, Castlebar.  094 90 35058.  (total 3)

2 traps to Breaffy Vet Clinic, Doogary, Castlebar.  094 90 44832. 

( + 1 trap in 2012 bringing their total to 3)

2 traps to Lodge Vet Hospital, Lodge Rd, Westport.  098-26006.

( + 2 traps in 2012 bringing their total to 4)

2 traps to Claremorris Small Animal Practice, The Square, Claremorris.  094 93 73955.